A Dog’s Eye View of Albuquerque & Dallas

There. Are. Goats. In. Albuquerque.

This place is amazing, everyone. We stayed in an Airbnb that had literal goats in the backyard. Not going to lie, I spent at least a few hours a day staring at them through the glass door. Kayla wouldn’t let me out with them, she said that they’d headbutt me.


I think about the goats still. When I’m sleeping, my paws twitch so hard that I wake up.


Sometimes, the goats win our staring contest. I’m not a real border collie.

Albuquerque: Home of the Cactus Spines

Otherwise, Albuquerque was really hot. Kayla is finally remembering to bring water with her on our runs, so I’m not dying of thirst anymore. We did an amazing trail run outside of the city, but mostly it was just concrete.

We played fetch almost every day at this little park, which was totally amazing. I haven’t played fetch much since we left Denver.

The biggest downside of Albuquerque for dogs? There are these things called goat’s heads which are 100% not actual goat heads. They’re these little burs that hide in the grass, and their spines are a solid half centimeter long. I must have gotten 10 in my paw every day. Between goat’s heads (which really should be renamed) and cactus spines, I’m still a bit sore from Albuquerque. In fact, Kayla is still finding cactus spines hidden in my coat. Some of them have blood on them. Yowch!

We found this great coffee shop called Napoli Coffee almost every day. Kayla got a fancy iced mocha thing (she won’t share, but it smelled delicious), and I slept under her chair. It was nice to get out of the house some.

The night before we left Albuquerque, we drove up to Santa Fe. I got to eat a bunch of french fries and play fetch with this little kid at a burger joint! The. Best.

Then, Kayla and Andrew left me in the car forever while they went to this crazy place called Meow Wolf. They told me I wouldn’t like it. It was pretty cool outside, so I slept in the car. Anyway, they said that Meow Wolf is “immersive art.”

Whatever, I probably would have found something to fetch and it would have been fine. Don’t have to leave me out just ‘cuz I’m a dog.

Maybe they do. I don’t get these human rules.

I demonstrate proper dog-at-coffee-shop behavior.

Dallas is Not for Dogs

We leave Dallas tomorrow morning, and so far I’m a bit underwhelmed. Kayla is staying home with me every day because of my issues being left alone. She seems mostly ok with this, but I think she’s getting sick of me. Our Airbnb has a gorgeous huge backyard, so we hang out outside every day at lunch.

It’s hot here, but not hot like Albuquerque or Las Vegas. The hot makes my fur stick to me, and it doesn’t go away at night like it did in the drier places. I’m not sure if I like it.

The trees are gorgeous, though – and their sticks are fantastic. We’ve been going on these long runs through streets lined with huge brick houses. The treetops touch in the middle of the street some places, which helps a bit with the heat.

Otherwise, Dallas doesn’t seem super dog-friendly. Kayla hasn’t taken me out anywhere beyond running. That’s kinda lame.

Honestly, though, I’m exhausted. This heat is killing me and we did an 11-mile run on Monday. I just get close to the fan, spread out as much as I can, and sleep.

Andrew keeps telling me it’ll get hotter and more humid later. I’m not sure if I’m ready. What did I sign up for, again?

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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