A Dog’s Eye View of Memphis

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Boy oh boy, I thought Dallas was hot! I was wrong. Memphis is un-dog-ly hot.

Overall, Memphis was great. Let’s start at the beginning.

We drove to Memphis from Dallas, which was only about a 6.5-hour drive. I slept most of the way while Andrew and Kayla drove and worked. When we got to Memphis, I was immediately greeted by two crazy dogs. Their names are Joe Biden and Lucy.

Joe Biden and Lucy wanted to play a lot, which kind of bothered me because I was busy making the humans throw wood chips for me. Then, I sniffed around their yard until I found a tennis ball. Finding it made me very, very happy. I played tug-o-war with Joe Biden with a pair of socks until there was nothing left. I think we both swallowed a bit. It was awesome!

I’m used to this life now.

I don’t mind it when Andrew and Kayla are gone if they leave me outside of the crate. My new friends Joe Biden and Lucy helped, too. We looked out the window together, then slept. It was pretty good.

Kayla always told people at the shelter that their new dogs would need about six weeks to get used to their homes. I guess I needed about six weeks to get used to this life on the road. I’m pretty much in “the groove” now.

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No Dogs in the Zoo, but Lots of Running

Kayla’s sister Ellie lives right across the street from this park called Overton Park. There are a zoo and a dog park inside of it, but Kayla didn’t take me to either of those. She said no dogs in the zoo, which is stupid because it’s literally made for animals. She said something about me stressing out the other animals. Again, that makes zero sense. I’m not stressful!

Instead, we did some very early morning runs around the park. I was so hot, but she kept me in the shade and brought me lots of water. She was so sweaty! Gross. I wonder why humans don’t just pant like the rest of us.

Anyway, no one seems to use leashes inside of Overton Park. Kayla let me run around like a crazy dog and I picked up about 4,221 burs in my fur. I think it was 100% worth it. I found some good sticks and some better smells. I even taste tasted a few plants, but nothing in Memphis tastes very good.

There are so many smells here! Something in the air is a bit sticky sweet, almost rotten. Kayla’s dad said it might be a southern magnolia. It makes my eyes a bit puffy and I sneeze a lot. So do all of the humans, even though I don’t think they can smell anything based on how they interact with the world.

crosstown concourse barley dog work laptop memphis digital nomadCrosstown Concourse – the Coolest Place I’ve Ever Slept

Kayla and Andrew took me to this amazing place for work. We ran up seven flights of stairs, then sat down at the very edge of a huge hollow building. I mostly slept while they worked, per usual. But every once in a while, I woke up to sniff the air. There was coffee, ice cream, vegan food, and a whole lot more in the air. I loved it! They went to Whole Foods for lunch and brought me lunch meat for a snack. I really like coming to work with them.

I also noticed that people in Memphis don’t run up to try to pet me quite as much as they did in other cities. That was nice – I really got to sleep while Andrew and Kayla worked. Maybe it’s so hot they don’t want to touch my fur.

Aside from the walks in Overton Park, Memphis was pretty relaxing. I spent a lot of time with Joe Biden, then Kayla’s dad got into town with his old dog Maya. Maya is going to be 15 in August, but she still loves to fetch. I like to play behind her. When she misses the toys, I can get it on the rebound! Sometimes I get too excited and I knock her over, which makes all of the Fratts yell at me.

I can’t help it.

There’s a ball to chase.

Andrew and Kayla “forgot” to bring me to Ellie’s graduation, so I just hung out with Joe Biden all day. They said that it was pretty hot and I wouldn’t have liked it, but I prefer to judge that for myself. Harumph.

Ellie looked very important with all of her cords. I guess she graduated with honors, so that’s pretty cool. The thing is, she doesn’t seem to like throwing frisbees properly, so I’m not sure how ready for adulthood she actually is. Whatever, Joe Biden likes her a lot and I trust his opinion. Maybe throwing frisbees isn’t the only important thing in life. Probably not.

I guess she’s going to work in a cancer research place, which sounds really hard. Then she wants to go to medical school. Good for her!

I totally spaced getting Kayla anything for Mother’s Day, but I went on a run with her and her mom in Shelby Farms. It was so doggone hot. Luckily, there was lots of water for me to swim in. I drank some swamp water and chased a few bunnies, but eventually, I got tired and just ran like a boring dog.

running shelby farms

And Now… North!

The next morning, we got up really early and Kayla and Andrew packed the car up. We hopped in and Andrew turned the car north. This is a new direction for us – I wonder where we’re going!

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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