A Flurry of Planning, The Ocean, and Wine Country

Doggone it, I have been slacking on the writing. Let’s blame Kayla, shall we? She has been taking me running so darn much that I’m pooped. Plus, she’s working really hard on 100 Days of TEAM with me and scent work. We’re busy!

It’s been almost a month since I wrote. We were in Portland at the time.

Right after I told you that we’re heading south NOW, Kayla flew to New Hampshire to see her family. She left me and Andrew to suffer through the wildfire smoke together. That’s ok, we needed a boy’s weekend. I played fetch and slept ON the pillow. Andrew likes to give me extra bits of bacon, so we’re all good.

Before going any further into this post, you should really watch the (super short) video Andrew made about our day driving down the coast.

Lots of Old Friends and Smiles

When Kayla got back, we started heading south again. But first, we met up with Ian Pelto and the other guys in the crew of Los Panamericanos. They’re also Colorado College graduates, on their motorcycles and heading south on the Panamerican highway as we speak. Kayla and Ian go way back to freshman year at CC, and they clearly were happy to hang out a bit.

We made it to Ashland, Oregon, where we stayed with Alice Oline’s parents and her dog Gracie. They were so generous. Gracie and I are a bit socially awkward, but we got along ok.

I spent a lot of time going running in the woods with Kayla while we were in Ashland. Great trails with huge hills! I also got absolutely covered in burrs, but that’s ok. Kayla got pretty sick, but she and Andrew managed to go out to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to see Othello. She loves theater and Andrew is a bit of a lighting/sound nerd, and it sounds like they had lots of fun. Gracie and I took turns barking at the door.

The Olines were really generous with their space, and we were sad to leave. We drove through the most intense wildfire smoke of the trip near Redding, California. We could hardly see outside the car! Needless to say, we didn’t stop and stay for long.

Chico, California was a bit of a bummer. Our AirBnb was gorgeous, but there was no Wifi and we were nearly a half hour from town. Kayla and Andrew took me into town on Labor Day, but it was so darn hot that no one had fun. I guess normally Kayla works inside with the A/C, but when I’m around, we have to sit outside. Too hot!

Deterred, they left me at home the next few days. It’s been a while since I spent 7+ hours alone, and I barked a bit. The AirBnb host didn’t like that, so she rewarded me with a game of fetch. I barked more the next day, and she played with me again. I like this strategy!

Kayla took a nasty tumble while running with me in Chico, but she’s ok. She wouldn’t let me lick the blood off her knee, so she must not have been that hurt.

We left Chico to drive to Wine Country – Anderson Valley, to be exact.

Wine Country and Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Another Fenzi Dog Sports Academy student, Lynn, has a G O R G E O U S home on a hill above the valley out there.

For those of you that don’t know, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is an online dog training school that Kayla loves. That’s how we got started with TEAM Obedience! So Kayla has never met the other students, but they’re all part of a big network. How cool is that?

You can see a short video about our time with Lynn below.

She lives there with her husband, her two Miniature Pinschers (Capone and Lili) and a beautiful Belgian Malinois named Prima. She also has three horses, but they wouldn’t let me meet them. I sniffed their poop and decided they were not sheep, not worth my time.

We went to wineries, talked about training, enjoyed the oceanside fog in the morning, and had a really lovely time. Lynn was very welcoming and really knows her way around wine. Kayla and Andrew were in heaven.

Andrew really liked Capone, the “Fastest Minpin in the West.” Capone excels at lure coursing and barn hunt. How cool is that?

After far too short of a time (about 4 days), we left to go to Santa Rosa. But first, we made a detour to go to Mendocino, CA. There, we visited a dog-friendly beach (heaven) and looked at the ocean a lot. It was one of the prettiest days of my life (so far). Sorry not sorry, but here’s a big photo dump of the day:

There, another Fenzi Dog Sports Academy student, Lilly, took us in. She has a big, hairy Italian Spinone named Dozer and a little, frenetic Border Collie named Jed. I really like Dozer.

We played and barked a lot. The humans drank beer and worked.

Lili’s husband Phil also introduced Kayla and Andrew to a show called Overlanders, which is about some off-roading guys doing a trip similar to theirs. They’ve already learned so much!

After leaving Santa Rosa, we made our way to Vacaville. Kayla is friends with an Air Force Academy graduate named Zacch out here. They were on the Nordic Ski Teams at the same time and still keep in touch. Zacch and his wife (and his cat) graciously are hosting us for the next few days.

Next, we’re off to Vallejo!

Planning is Getting Real

When Kayla isn’t running and she and Andrew aren’t working, they’re planning. They’re working on getting their international driver’s permits, shots, and health insurance in order. I heard that I might be getting a dental cleaning and some shots, too. Gulp. I haven’t been knocked out since I was neutered!

They’re also collecting some tools and repair kit items and copying all of their documents. Looks like a bit of a pain.

I just sleep and ask to be fed, mostly.

We will be in Mexico in time for Dia de los Muertos. Kayla said I’ll stay home for that one, too much facepaint for a dog to handle. Lame.

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Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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