A Wedding in Minnesota, and Now We’re 10 Minutes from Mexico

Right after I last wrote, Andrew and Kayla handed me off to a dogsitter. Her name is Nicki, and she’s a friend of a friend of a friend of Kayla’s… I think? She was so nice. We played fetch in the park every day. I got to carry my cow, Bessie, everywhere and I met lots of new people. The smells of downtown Los Angeles were intense, but I liked it.

While I was having fun with Nicki, Kayla and Andrew went to Minneapolis for a wedding. I’ll let Kayla take it from here.

Maggie and Kabir’s Wedding in Kayla’s Words

Maggie is my oldest friend. I don’t know how we met, but photos of us in matching L.L. Bean snowsuits (pink and yellow) date back to 1999 or so. We had matching thick blonde hair with pretty terrible straight-cut bangs. We both loved reading and weren’t always crazy about the dance classes we took together. We read the Warriors series (the ones about cats) and Harry Potter. We wore capes and played in the mud.

We’re still pretty close — I call Maggie on the phone almost every weekend while I run with Barley. She keeps me sane during my long runs. And I think Kabir keeps her sane. I first met Kabir early in college, when I slept on Maggie and Kate’s floor on my way to the Birkebeiner from Colorado.

He was charming and funny, with a big smile and a constant eye for Maggie. He was always helping her, anticipating her needs, and jovially stepping in. I liked him instantly — and it didn’t hurt that in my nearly 20 years of knowing Maggie, I’ve never seen her look at someone the way she looked at him. They were totally absorbed in each other, but still super engaged with their friends.

Well, they got married on 10/20/18.

Andrew and I flew into Minneapolis a few days before the wedding so we could help out a bit. I ended up helping filling out placecards for the wedding, and Andrew was in charge of finding their speakers. We had a small party for friends on Thursday, drinking champagne and playing a drinking game that centered around “Maggie and Kabir Trivia.”

Our friend Kate generously hosted us for the whole time — her pup Winston kept our faces clean with plenty of licking, and Kate put up with our air mattress taking up nearly half of her studio apartment. She probably saved us $500 in housing, and we can’t thank her enough!



It was a blast.

On the wedding day, we arrived early to get ready and help out some. We took some gorgeous photos and drank more champagne. Maggie and Kabir had a really practical pre-wedding strategy that suited them well. No fuss, no drama. Everything well-planned and classy.

They had their wedding at The American Swedish Institute, this huge manor-turned-museum with a decided castle vibe.

I’ll just let Andrew take it from here, again.


My dad drove down from Moquah, WI on Sunday. So after a slow morning (surprisingly non-hung-over, just sleepy), Andrew and I met up with him. We drove out to Cabela’s and purchased a duffel bag to store our kitchen stuff in, then grabbed dinner at an amazing burger place. We also got a huge piece of cake.

Happy (early) birthday, Dad!!

Almost as exciting (ok, maybe more exciting), was seeing my 14-year-old lab, Maya. She’s the most amazing dog in the world (except for Barley, of course). She’s getting pretty slow and deaf and gimpy, but she’s literally perfect. Just look at her face!

The next day (Monday 10/22), Andrew went back to work. I took a deep breath and ignored my email inbox for another day, instead spending the day with my dad. We went to the free Como Zoo and grabbed some food before he had to go back to Moquah for deer hunting season. I think retirement is treating him well.

That evening, we had one last dinner with Maggie, Kabir, and Kate. It was a much-needed night of relaxing and socializing, featuring curry and Netflix.

We flew back to Los Angeles on Tuesday, 10/23. It was a brutal early-morning flight. Then we picked up Turtle the car (he was getting a new timing belt while we were gone) and got Barley.

Back to you, Barley.

10 Miles to Baja California – Collie, Meet Borders

I can’t get enough of the border/collie pun. Get used to it.

I was so happy to see Andrew and Kayla again. Nicki was the best, but I like my people. We grabbed lunch with Andrew’s good friend Gabe before turning our noses south.

Kayla was in one hell of a bad mood, so Andrew bought her chocolate ice cream. That made her feel better. I guess that’s kind of like when Kayla gives me chicken during thunderstorms.

We arrived in San Diego kind of late, passing signs with tickers for time or mileage to the border:

1 hour.

26 miles.

15 minutes.

10 miles.

We’re staying at an AirBnb just about 10 miles from the Mexican border. We’re crossing on Monday to head to Ensenada for our first week in Mexico. Then, we’ll take a long weekend to drive to La Paz, the southern tip of Baja California.

I can’t wait for the ocean. The tacos. The tequila.

Wait, I can’t have tequila?

Oh. The tuna, then.

I’ll be eating homemade dog food starting in just a few days, since my fancy kibble will be hard to find in Mexico.

I. Cannot. Wait.

The worried-sounding people on the news keep talking about a caravan, and the angry orange man is yelling about shutting down the border. I hope that that doesn’t make other people hate Kayla and Andrew. They’re good people.

Other than that, we’re not very nervous. Kayla has some pepper spray and will keep me close while we’re running. We’ve shifted to a morning running routine and have a steering wheel lock. As long as we’re not acting dumb, we should be fine.

10 miles to Mexico. Can we just start walking now?

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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