Bienvenidos a Mexico. Have a Mezcal y Maracuya.

San Diego was a blur. We arrived late on 10/23 after a long day of driving. Our Airbnb was quiet and small with a nice back yard. Kayla and I ran in the mornings, then she and Andrew worked all day.

We went to the vet on 10/24. It was… ok. I normally don’t mind the vet, but these techs moved a bit too loud and talked a bit too fast for me. I’m glad it’s over. They straddled me and held my mouth shut. I know they don’t want to get bitten, but that made me more nervous. Kayla tried to give me treats, but it was just a  lot. They took blood from my jugular!

But I guess Andrew and Kayla got the paperwork that they need to take me to Mexico. Worth it?

On Saturday morning (10/27), we got up early for a race. We drove north and went to a parking lot fulof other dogs. They were all barking and pulling and dressed up like hot dogs.

Kayla and I ran as fast as I could until she couldn’t anymore. We ended up being the 4th team to cross the line, which means that I got to hog the swimming pool at the end. We both drank a lot of water and she snuck me a cookie from the table. It was SO fun!

After the race, we headed home and the humans grabbed lunch. Then they left me with Bebe, our Airbnb host’s fat and slightly slow Chihuahua-Beagle mix (she’s adorable, but so not my type). Then they headed off to the San Diego Zoo. I guess they just walk around and watch animals eat and sleep there?

Not sure why they can’t just stay home and watch me eat, but I guess they had fun.

We slept in on Sunday 10/28, then the humans pulled out their laptops and did more work. It seems like if Kayla isn’t jogging with me, she’s working. Andrew disappears to the gym a lot, but otherwise he’s working, too.

Crossing the Border into Mexico

They worked more on Monday morning, then packed up the car. They organized all of their paperwork, dropped off one last bag of things at Goodwill, and turned south.

We crossed the border into Mexico so quickly that I slept through it.

As we approached the border, there was a big sign telling Kayla to turn right if she didn’t want to go to Mexico. She stayed straight.

Then there was a Y fork in the road: left for people with nothing to declare, and right for people who need to declare something. Kayla followed the car in front of her to the “nothing to declare” lane. We don’t have anything to declare, as far as we know.

(Later, we realized that we probably should have declared ME, as well as our expensive gear).

Anyway, we paused at a booth that snapped a picture of our license plate. Then we drove over some speed bumps. Kayla and Andrew held all of their papers, but no one stopped them. Kayla kept driving slowly, waiting for another booth or place to show all of our paperwork.

Then suddenly, we were in the streets of Tijuana. We never even rolled down our window!

Kayla got a bit stressed driving in Tijuana traffic, but we were out of the city within just a few minutes. We hopped onto a toll road, which was smooth and easy to navigate.

We checked into our Airbnb less than two hours after leaving our San Diego “home.”

Our place here in Ensenada is gorgeous. It’s three stories tall with three bedrooms. The other rooms are also on Airbnb, but no one is in them right now. So we have the whole place to ourselves.

Kayla loves the top floor, an airy attic with huge windows. It opens to a rooftop garden. She works up there all day. I can’t get up the ladder, so I just lie at the bottom waiting for her.

Our bedroom is dark and quiet, facing back towards the university. The second bedroom is also on the second floor.

The first floor has a small yard, a kitchen, and a living/dining room. Andrew has been doing work from the living room. The whole place is costing them $18.50 per night.

I think we’re all very happy. That was 10/29.

A First Glance at Running and Eating in Ensenada

That night, the humans left me alone with my dinner and went to get tacos and tequila. Instead, they got a tacos and drink that they can’t stop talking about: mezcal y maracuya (passionfruit). They are obsessed. I bet they’ll go back before we leave.

We woke up on 10/30 in Mexico. Kayla went grocery shopping and got a week’s worth of food (including my new RAW diet) for $33 USD. She was so stoked.

I’m very excited about this new raw diet. Kayla has been doing a lot of reading and is going to be feeding me a variety of different foods, rotating every week. This week, I’m getting rice, quinoa, corn oil, spinach, carrots, banana, and huge chunks of chicken. She bought a few chickens that still have organs and feet and stuff, and I’m getting to eat those. SO yummy!

My first run with Kayla was pretty eventful. We headed out early in the morning, just after dawn. We ran into tons of stray dogs that did NOT like seeing me come through their territory. Kayla had to spray a few of them with Spray Shield because they looked like they’d attack me.

So we turned around and headed towards the university. Our Airbnb host had mentioned an oceanside walking path. Kayla managed to find it, and the rest of our run was beautiful. No one really bothered us except for those first few dogs. We even saw a few other joggers!

I think the key is going to be staying clear of stray dogs and running in the morning.

Oh, and Kayla needs to let me go swimming more!

I learned about waves today.

On our morning walk today, we headed towards the ocean again. We found a quiet pebble beach and Kayla let me off leash. I picked up a little stick and ran towards the ocean, then lay down and waited for her to throw it.

Then I got knocked over! The water here moves. I lost my stick and had to sniff around trying to find it. I almost got knocked over again, but then I found my stick after a few minutes. It was washed up higher on the beach.

The ocean is crazy, guys.

We played for a while, but Kayla started getting worried that I might go in too far trying to find my stick. The waves here are huge, and I was a bit scared of them. We did have great fun running up and down the beach, trying not to get too wet.

We’re going to the sandy beach later today, and I can’t wait!

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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