Car Issues Drive Us from Montana to Washington

I don’t know why more people don’t live in Montana and Idaho. Seriously! These places are amazing. It’s cool in the summer and there are lakes all over the place. No cactuses and lots of amazing smells. The hills are huge and the rivers are clear. I loved it!

A Border Collie’s View of Montana

We stayed with some of Kayla’s high school friends in Bozeman – shoutout to Tianse and Hannah! Their home was beautiful, sitting partway up a remote canyon. We could walk to National Forest trails in just a few minutes. I was sad to leave.

We stayed with Andrew’s aunt and uncle in Helena. They literally have a trail that goes out their back door and into the wilderness. Kayla took me on hikes in the rain every day!

The humans had to put a baby gate up when we were in Helena because the resident dog (Brandy) and I didn’t get along. Brandy really hates sharing and chased me around trying to bite me. Kayla got to practice some of the techniques from her Defensive Handling for Aggressive Dogs class that she wrote about in her article for K9 of Mine.

Anyway, that was fine. We were staying in their amazing, huge, carpeted basement. There was plenty of room for us to play and train and sniff out hidden treats. I chased a few spiders and got lots of exercise on the trails.

I really, really miss my tennis ball.

Car Issues Take Us to Washington

We left Montana and Idaho about a week ago because Turtle (the car) was having some alignment issues and the mechanic couldn’t get parts. We’ve been at Andrew’s family’s house ever since. We have a yard here and some fantastic walking paths that go through the tallest trees I’ve ever seen.

No worries about the car, either. Andrew took it into the shop and they think it’s all fixed!

It’s kind of always a bit wet here in Issaquah, so the smells are out of this world! I can’t pick my nose up off the ground for even a second. There are also these crazy giant slugs that look like bananas. Kayla won’t let me eat them, but they’re fun to poke with my nose.

This neighborhood is full of nothing but other borderĀ collies and lots of Shiba Inus. It’s almost funny! We all look the same.

I’m feeling a bit cooped up, but everyone here is so nice to me! I went in to see a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer at Ready on the Line. She put me on all sorts of wobble boards and made me spin in circles. I even got a tennis ball in exchange! It was amazing! I guess I’m going to see a rehab vet in a week or two so that the humans can figure out more ways to keep me happy and healthy.

I’ve been enjoying the stretches but am getting pretty sick of having restricted activity. Kayla isn’t sure if my knee is feeling any better, though, and we’re all worried that I might need stricter rest.


Oh well – life is still really good. Kayla is about to take me swimming, and IĀ love swimming. She figures that if she gives me some good swimming exercise, I probably won’t sprint around the house on slippery floors and kill myself. No promises.

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