A Dog, the Lake of Salt, a Cat, and Crippling Loneliness

It’s been a bit of a tough week, guys. We moved to a new house last week, and it’s rough. Ginger, my beautiful Goldendoodle friend, is gone. And instead, there’s this… ugh. I can’t even say it.

A cat.

A freaking cat. It runs around at night. Kayla feeds it, but it doesn’t eat right away. Instead, it leaves its food out for hours – but I’m not supposed to eat it. This is literally the worst.

I’m getting a bit clingy because I’m so stressed. Andrew spends like 20% of his day petting my belly. I try to reciprocate by licking his face, but he doesn’t seem as into it as I am.

Andrew tried to roll out his back. I thought that was a great time to focus on rubbing my belly instead.

The Great Salt Lake

Remember how in my last post about Salt Lake City, I was excited about daily hikes? That’s great and all. But last weekend we packed up and went on a bigger adventure. I love big adventures.

We drove to the Lake of Salt and hiked around. There were giant rocks and lots of grass. I loved it. We ran around and I chased sticks. I lay down in the mud and smelled like brine. It was amazing.

Kayla and Andrew kept me on the leash almost the whole time we were in the park. That’s lame, but Kayla said something about nesting birds. I’d like to meet some nesting birds. I guess that’s the problem.

Better than cats.

Anyway, visiting Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake was pretty cool. It was cold and windy that day, raining on and off. But that meant we got the park mostly to ourselves. I also happen to think that overcast windy days make me look epic. Like an actual Scottish Border Collie.

Maybe we’ll go back and I’ll get to go swimming. I love swimming.

Crate Training 401

Staying alone in the crate is not going well. I’ve been crying and barking and even digging a bit when Kayla and Andrew leave me alone.

I’m pretty stressed out, to be honest. We keep moving and I don’t know if Kayla and Andrew are coming home. I don’t know when they’ll be back and I just don’t feel good. I’ve started crying in my crate a lot.

Kayla noticed and she’s working on training me again to be comfy in my crate. It’s going to be a long road, though. Right now, she’s just rewarding me for staying in the crate with the door open while she leaves the room. You can see where she tries to leave too fast, and I get stressed and leave the crate. But overall, I’m getting better.

I’m trying, I really am. But I just want to know where my people are.

I’m just so anxious.

I guess that I kinda “got” the crate thing in our home. But it isn’t home here, and I just don’t feel safe right now. Kayla has started working from home instead of leaving during the day so that I don’t have to be alone as much.

Kayla said she had fun practicing splints in her Wilderness First Responder class. I think she looks stupid.

Wilderness First Responder

The exception to that was this weekend. On Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday, Kayla left early in the morning and didn’t come back until evening. It was like she was back at work! I just got a few short lame walks and not much else. I just sat in the crate and listened to that stupid cat.

She said she was in a Wilderness First Responder Recertification class. I don’t see how that justifies leaving me alone, but I guess she was learning how to splint broken bones and keep people safe in the wilderness. I hope she takes a Dog Wilderness First Responder class, too. Now that’s a worthy cause.

She seemed really happy, though. I’ll never quite get it, but she loves being around people. She kept talking about being “energized” by being around so many other outdoorsy people. I don’t see why my wagging tail isn’t enough.

Marathon Training

Ok, I know I’m being a bit mopey. Life isn’t all bad. It’s actually pretty great here, mostly. Kayla has started running a bunch again, and she’s taken me out on a long run or off-leash hike almost every day.

Yesterday, we went for a run through City Creek Canyon. It was kind of hot but nice and windy – perfect weather. I swam in the river and met another border collie named Echo. Echo was a bit crazy, but she chased me with my stick and it was pretty fun. I feel like myself after a good romp in the woods.

Kayla eats an insane amount of food when she runs. But she shares with me.

Next Moves

Aside from the cat, Salt Lake City is pretty great. I’m loving the off-leash time and the sunshine. It sounds like we’re heading to Nevada next week. I’ve never been to Nevada before, but I hear it’s hot, rocky, and full of cacti. I hope I can go swimming. I get so hot in the sun.

Kayla keeps reminding Andrew that she’s leaving us next week. I don’t think that’s going to help my crate training problems at all. She’s working hard to help me before that, but I’m not sure if I’ll feel ok alone by then. She’s flying to Boston for a conference on animal behavior. I guess that’ll be cool, but I don’t really want to be left alone.

I hear that our AirBnb in Las Vegas has a border collie in it, though. Maybe I’ll like her as much as I like Monty and it’ll be great.

At least there won’t be a cat.

Have I mentioned that I hate cats?

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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