A Dog’s Eye View of Salt Lake City

We drove through 45 mile-per-hour wind and a few sandstorms. Kayla almost swerved off the road in a last-ditch effort to see Arches National Park. Andrew ate two full boxes of mints.

The drive from Durango to Salt Lake City was simultaneously boring and thrilling. I slept through most of it. It’s kind of amazing that we went from owning an apartment full of stuff to all three of our belongings (including my bed and crate) fitting into a car. There’s plenty of room for my bed, so I can sprawl out while we drive.

Let me backtrack a second. Durango was really nice, and we’re all bummed we didn’t stay longer. We stayed in that beautiful house overnight, then Kayla and Andrew worked all morning. Before we left Durango, Kayla took me on a four mile long hike up to Fort Lewis College. That was great. Then we drove for six hours to get to Salt Lake City.

A Dog’s Eye View of Salt Lake City

To be honest, I haven’t seen much of Salt Lake City yet. Kayla and Andrew have been working 8-10 hour days from local coffee shops. Kayla keeps saying that once finances stabilize a bit, she’ll spend more time with me and less time working. I hope she’s right.

She’s been coming home to walk me every day during lunch, which is awesome! She never did that while she worked at the shelter. Her days are also shorter, so that’s great. The only downside is I went from having full run of the apartment to being left in a crate.

My guess is that’s because of Ginger.

Ginger is this goldendoodle that lives in our Airbnb. She’s flirty, she’s fun, and she doesn’t seem to eat her kibble. She’s also in heat. When we can, Ginger and I run around the backyard and paw at each other. But the humans aren’t letting us do much of that. Oh well. I’m fixed anyway.

The crate isn’t so bad, though. I eat my meals in there and I’m really only in there for four hours at a time. Again, Kayla says that I’ll get to be out of the crate even more once we’re in a new Airbnb.

After they get home from working, we’ve been going for hikes. Our Airbnb is about 20 minutes away from Red Butte Canyon Trail, a totally gorgeous set of trails that snakes above the city. There are mountain bikers and lots of off-leash dogs. It’s amazing.

I keep ripping my toenail open there (it still hasn’t healed from Boulder), but it’s 100% worth it in my book. It doesn’t even hurt, I swear!

The daily hikes and midday walks are a major upgrade from Denver in my book. Kayla says we’ll do even more once my toenail is better and she’s no longer concussed. I can’t wait!

Really, so far life isn’t all that different from being in Denver. Kayla and Andrew seem more relaxed and happy. They’re both working a lot, but nowhere near as much as they did in Denver.

We’re here for another week before heading to Las Vegas – we’ll see what that brings!

So far, so good.

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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