June Expense Report for El Perro Tambien

Oh… yikes. We did it again. This month we spent over twice as much as we expected. There were a lot of big expenses this month, thanks to car repairs, Barley’s injury, and paying rent for June, July, and half of August all at once. To be fair, Andrew actually had enough spare cash that he put an extra $1,000 towards his student loans and invested roughly $600 more — but it was not an on-budget month.

Without further ado, let’s explore El Perro Tambien’s June financial report.

The Cost of Being a Digital Nomad in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest

After our fantastic month of May, I’m pretty bummed by our mega-expensive June. The good news is, we shouldn’t have to repeat (most) of these expenses again anytime soon. Let’s break it down.

  • Rent: we actually paid for all of July’s rent, plus half of August, early in June. This figure is high, but it reflects lower payments over the rest of the summer.
  • Gas: on target, or even a bit below!
  • Groceries: we had a Costco run here where things went a bit crazy, but honestly groceries weren’t too over-budget. I’d rather overspend on groceries than on going out for drinks (stay tuned).
  • Student Loans: Kayla stayed on budget, while Andrew actually had some spare money and paid an extra $1,000 for his loans. This is technically over budget, but it’s probably a good thing anyway.
  • Car Maintenance: Turtle the car had some alignment issues resulting from a loose engine mount. The repairs weren’t as bad as they could be, but we did have to spend quite a bit to fix it all!
  • Car Insurance: this actually dropped a bit thanks to a new year for insurance!
  • Barley: oh, an expensive month for the dog! Barley tore his hip flexor and has been in to see several vets and rehab specialists. He’ll likely go over budget in July as well thanks to this injury.
  • General Savings: we didn’t put away as much as we should, probably because we spent too much on other things!
  • Business: Andrew invested some money this month, while Kayla took several continuing education classes that fall under the “business” category.
  • Restaurants/Alcohol/Dates: Given that we went out to a swanky sushi place for our anniversary, it’s actually surprising that this isn’t even more over-budget than it appears. We’re so bad at not going out to eat!
  • Shopping: We both bought some new clothes and other miscellaneous items this month. This line item might be unrealistically low for two people.
  • Gifts: Kayla got hit hard with gift expenses this month thanks to Andrew’s birthday, her mom’s birthday, our anniversary, and Father’s Day.

Overall, we’re still doing well financially due to good cash flow. It might be time to update the budget (again) to reflect our improved financial state, rather than guilting ourselves about spending our money on ourselves!

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