Our route is flexible and our timeline is just a few punctuation marks on a wide-open canvas. This is just a general overview of the plan so far. We didn't include each and every stop along the way, because that map gets cumbersome and convoluted in no time!

Instead, we created a rough map that shows our rough route through the Americas.

There's room for tangents, distractions, diversions, festivals, and getting stuck at the beach.

Please reach out to us if you're interested in meeting up along our route, think we're missing a must-see location, or want to join us for a segment of the trip!

The big-picture maps are below. For more detailed maps of our route, check out the maps page. You can also explore our timeline and an overview of our logistics.

The Northern Half of the Route

Spring 2018-Spring 2019 (roughly), we drive from Denver to Panama. We'll have to rent a shipping container to circumnavigate the Darien Gap. Scroll down to see more detailed versions of our map!

The Southern Half of the Route

Spring 2019 (roughly) until we're done. We don't have this half of the trip quite as planned out, but here's the rough idea!