This Is Not A Drill – Concussions, Ripped Nails, and Lost Houses

Cleaning & Packing & Concussions, Oh My!

They packed and cleaned nonstop, all day. Kayla kept making me move while she swept, and Andrew shoed me away from sleeping on his warm laundry. The whole apartment reeked of chemicals.

I stayed as close to them  as I could as the apartment emptied. It echoed each time they closed the door behind them, taking another armload of stuff to Goodwill. There was nowhere left for me to sleep, except for the carpet in the bedroom. So I slept there.

Around midday, Kayla let me come down with her to start putting bags into the car. I saw the bin of camping gear, a few bags of climbing gear, and clothes. They buried my food deep – so I can’t eat it when they’re not looking. Darn them. At least my bed made it into the car.

As I sat in the sun by the car, Kayla climbed into the trunk and rummaged around, rearranging boxes and coolers. She stepped out, half of her foot on the curb and half off. She slipped backwards, catching herself partway with her hand but hitting her head hard on the fin-shaped rock behind the car. She immediately curled into a small ball, her hands on the back of her head. I licked her face, sidling up between her knees and pressing my paws into her chest. She checked her hands for blood – there was none. But she sat there for a long time, breathing long and heavy breaths.

We went back to Andrew then, and she laid on her side on the carpet. I laid next to her. Andrew shut the blinds and checked her pupils for response to light. They decided she was mildly concussed.

Andrew did the rest of the heavy lifting for the day while Kayla started to clean. She took a lot more breaks than normal and moved slowly.

Just before dinner, the entire apartment was empty except for me and my squeaky toucan.

Kayla left all the keys on the counter and told me to grab my toucan. I jumped into the car and laid down on my bed right behind the passenger seat. Somehow everything that Kayla, Andrew, and I own all fit into the car. You can see out all the windows and there’s plenty of room for me to sleep. I’m not sure where my toys are. I can only find my toucan, cow, and a few others.

We drove to Boulder to visit my friend Monty. His human Ona worked with Kayla at the shelter. They love taking pictures of us, and he’s my best dog friend. We even got to sleep over! Monty and I played tug but argued about food a few times. I guess he hates sharing as much as I do.

Hikes, Long Rides, & Ripped Toenails

This morning, Kayla and Ona took me and Monty for a long walk without leashes. I went swimming about 29 times, and then got ice dreadlocks on my butt fur. It was awesome!

I played so much fetch that I ripped two nails on my foot. I’m a bit bloody, but I’m still having a blast. Who needed toenails anyway?

Monty and I played more tug along the walk, but then it was time to go home. Kayla and Ona hugged a bunch, they packed the car, and now we’re driving. We’ve been driving for almost 5 hours now.

I mostly sleep in the car, but Andrew rolled down the windows a few time and I stuck my nose out. I smelled snow and trees, and saw mountains. We drove all the way up and over the Rocky Mountains. Really windy roads and beautiful snow, even in April!

Durango & The Case of the Missing House

We finally arrived in Durango around seven. Kayla and Andrew left me in the car and came back with arms full of groceries. I thought about stealing the steak, but they were watching me. Then we drove in circles. For ages. Kayla and Andrew bickered a bit, which made me nervous. I started wimpering and tried to climb up front to lick their faces. I guess they don’t like that while they’re driving, though.

It turns out that the guy from Couchsurfing gave a faulty address – or Google Maps is wrong. The guy wasn’t picking up his phone and Google Maps kept dropping us off in the middle of the highway, near nothing except a mobile home park that seemed all wrong.

Kayla got on the phone and talked to an old friend, this girl named Bella. Bella lives in Durango and called her mom. Her mom is out of town, but told us where to find the hidden key. They cooked dinner and we’re in a really beautiful house now. They both seem a bit stressed, but we’re better now that we’re not in the car.

We’re super grateful for their generosity. Andrew and Kayla weren’t quite ready to drive more tonight and no one was excited about surprise camping.

I guess we might not be staying in Durango, after all. We might just go to Utah tomorrow. I know just about as much as you do about their plans at this point.

The best part is… this post isn’t even an April Fool’s joke. The first-day shennanagins are 100% real.

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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