When the heck are we going south?

The smoke of the wildfires is starting to get to me. I feel a bit lethargic and keep sneezing. Worst of all, my eyes are getting caked up with gross black goo. Kayla and I haven’t been running much – she says the air quality is dangerous. Mostly I just sleep and roll around on the carpet. The smoke is even ruining the sniffs, so we mostly just dart outside and back in again.

We’re in Portland for the time being. Andrew thinks we’ll stay here until August 31 or so. After that, we’re slowly heading south. Portland to Grant’s Pass, then on to Santa Rosa.

After Santa Rosa, we’re going to Vacaville to stay with some of Kayla’s friends from the Air Force Academy Nordic Team (commonly known as “Front Range Nordic” when paired with the Colorado College Nordic Team). That gets us through until mid-September.

Andrew and Kayla are going to a Bassnectar concert in San Francisco on September 29. They say I’d hate it, so I guess I’ll stay home. Something about lasers and earsplitting bass?

Kayla is running the Bizz Johnson marathon on October 7. That’s in a national forest about halfway between Sacramento and Reno, Nevada.

After the marathon, we’re heading towards Los Angeles. We’ll be there from the 11th until about the 24th of October.

Yet again, Kayla and Andrew will leave me the 17-23 of October. Kayla’s elementary school bestie is getting married (!) on October 20, and I can’t fly on the plane with them.

Then…. Only then… We head south.

We will drive down Baja California after we cross the border. Then, we take a ferry over to mainland Mexico. That allows us to skip much of northern Mexico. Our goal is Belize for Christmas and New Year’s.

Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua are looking a bit shaky at the moment, so we’ll probably move pretty quickly from Belize to Costa Rica. That takes us through about February of 2019.

After that… who knows?

Long story short, we’re heading south now. We just don’t get to Mexico until late October.

Author: Barley The Dog

Barley is a four year old border collie who absolutely loves fetch. His zest for life keeps Kayla and Andrew on their toes. He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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  1. Kayla, You might consider staying with us in Ashland, Oregon. It’s 45 min. south of Grants Pass–a bit out of your way, but worth it. Smoke here too though, but it’s a great little town. (We’re Alice O’s parents, btw). The only problem might be our coonhound; she’s a rescue too, and a bit anti-social w/ other dogs. But we have extra bedrooms.

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